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Hooray for probiotics!

If you haven’t heard of Garden of Life you need to get yourself to the health food store, right now! Seriously…go! My life (and my stomach) have been so much better since I found their probiotics!

I was terrified of probiotics before I fully understood what they were (thank you for that irrelevant fear Activia…I had a terrible reaction to that stuff). Most people can get some of their probiotic needs met through yogurt, but if you’re like me and can’t really tolerate yogurt, then you’ve got to get creative. When I was first diagnosed with IBS my GI tried to prescribe probiotics for me; I ran away screaming. Little did I know that they were exactly what I needed. After doing some research and listening to other people’s stories, I realized that I had to at least try them. Even Dr. Oz is a fan of probiotics, you can read what he has to say here. He recommends a supplement with no less than 50 billion live cultures. So I finally went to the health food store and that’s where I stumbled upon Garden of Life. Their RAW Probiotics are refrigerated to keep them alive, they are gluten-free, and they are made without any binders or fillers.

100 Probiotics

Garden of Life offers a huge variety of probiotics. They have them for men, for women, for your colon, for people over 50…and the list goes on. Right now I am doing a personal experiment to find the minimum level of live cultures that I need everyday to feel good. I started out last summer taking the RAW Probiotics for Women with 85 billion live cultures. I took one first thing every morning before breakfast and I started to feel an almost immediate improvement in my stomach within just a few days. For the Women’s probiotics they recommend taking at least 3 capsules and up to 9 capsules per day in divided doses. Well after that round of antibiotics I had a few months ago I decided to take things up a notch and I switched over to the RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care with 100 billion live cultures. That is some strong stuff! Definitely my favorite, but it’s also a little pricey.

Probiotic capsules

Here is what they look like…

Let’s do a little math…

A bottle of RAW probiotics costs about $39.00. There are 30 capsules (approx $1.30 per day and $39 per month) in the Ultimate Care bottle and it costs the same amount as a bottle of the Women’s Probiotics which contain 90 capsules (approx $.43 cents per capsule per day and $13 per month if you can get away with only taking one each day). At roughly $39.00 per bottle if you only need a small dose to get you through the day that’s a $26 per month savings!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re not worth it, but if you’re on a budget like I am then you’ve got to try to stretch every dollar as far as you can. If I don’t need 100 billion cultures each day and I can get away with less, well then h-e-l-l-o I’m going to pocket that savings! Plus, it leaves me more room in my budget to buy some RAW protein! Thank you Garden of Life for making a plant-based protein powder that doesn’t have all kinds of scary stuff in it! But that’s an entirely different post…coming soon!

That being said, while I love to save money, I also value myself enough to spend the full $39.00 each month if that’s what I find it takes for me to feel good every day. For me, feeling great is priceless. And the beauty of Garden of Life is that they are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, so you definitely get what you pay for.

Ready for an insider’s tip? Keep an eye on the Garden of Life website, they offer some really great coupons. Also, Garden of Life sends a lot of coupons to the sellers. Almost every time I go to Fruitful Yield (which is my favorite local health food store) they have coupons, great coupons, usually up to $5 off, for Garden of Life probiotics and for their other products too.

You can click here to get the latest RAW Fit protein coupon!

*This review is strictly my personal opinion. I was not paid to write this review for Garden of Life, nor I was I sent any free probiotics…but here’s hoping! Yes, they are really that good!


Have you tried taking probiotics? What brand do you like?

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